Farm to Coast Collective

Farm to Coast Collective Collective is a passion project backed by decades of business experience.

The Beale Group and its subsidiaries, Builders’ Studio of Sebastopol and Thrive Construction Group , are Sebastopol based businesses built on a foundation of community, collaboration, and shared operational services.

Our business model of shared back office services provided by our parent company, The Beale Group, to its subsidiaries and other small local businesses has proven successful in that sharing these services amongst multiple entities brings operating costs down and net income up. In addition, the model allows small businesses to focus on what they do best.

We aim to support talented West County entrepreneurs—our friends and neighbors—while creating a go-to, comfortable, versatile space for business and community in the heart of the town.

The Collective will operate in a three-level, sun-filled place to gather and to patronize diverse, local and artisanal food businesses in downtown Sebastopol year round. We are renovating an underutilized, empty cornerstone building on a prominent downtown corner while striving to preserve the building’s unique history and stay consistent with our town’s distinctive character. We have named the building The Livery on Main.