Self care featuring outdoor and in-home comforts

This year, we have all pushed the envelope in our ways of living and caretaking. While not one of our routines remains the same, we must find ways in which to safely connect with others and ourselves—even despite the current circumstances of life.

Our team here at The Beale Group is most inspired by outdoor adventures, which is also why we’ve created a short list of our top five recommendations for safe and local outdoor fun.

However, we do recognize that during shelter-in-place regulations, most may not always feel comfortable being outdoors for extended periods of time.

For this reason, we have considered the in-home comforts our team has been enjoying, and would like to share them with you for wellness inspiration and tips as we all navigate life in a pandemic.

Initiate a routine digital detox to free your mind from stress caused by avid consumption of online news and media.   In recent times, we’ve gained a significant amount of control relating to the media we choose to view—all indicated in our ability to decide whether or not we watch or skip commercials or program credits; which shows we auto-record; and, ultimately, deciding when and how to engage online. From the networks we join, to the apps we choose to download, there is a great need to exercise discipline for the sake of our mental and physical health and well-being. Leaders in our team have found great peace and quietude in learning when to disconnect from media online by initiating routine digital detox. Whether weekly, or whenever you notice signs of distress and fatigue, we highly recommend you consider unplugging from your phone, email, and any media for any given amount of time that provides wholistic refresh for you. We certainly believe your stress levels will thank you for it.

Treat yourself, or your children, to an early bedtime every now and again to allow the opportunity for reflective time.   While the pandemic has impacted everyone in various ways, it has inevitably altered the manner in which we live and work. Most families have been tasked with virtual learning programs, in addition to the transition of an in-office routine to remote work. No matter what life for you looks like at the moment, it has proved effective for individuals on our team to administer early bedtimes, where possible, to allow for reflective quiet time. We’re all wearing many proverbial hats these days and sometimes it’s helpful to mindfully slow down and create the space and time we need in the home to just be.

Participate in any positive self-care routine that inspires and cultivates a joyful you and a joyful atmosphere.   2020 has brought incredible challenges but has also taught us incredible lessons—resulting in our ability to find creative agency by connecting with self and community even in frustrating and fearful circumstances. From virtual workout classes to thousands of online workshops, there are various positive outlets for each and every one of us. Whether you are looking to join an online community, or are just interested in browsing offerings available, you can find yourself safely gathered with others by way of your phone or computer. Beyond media, simply doing things that you enjoy like reading, walking, or exploring new areas by car, find (or continue) a self-care routine that you intend to keep up with. Even if the activities change, make it a healthy habit to intentionally look after yourself. Staying energized and joyful is vital to our health in every way.